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Simon Vicars Copywriter

Burger King has a problem: everyone loves The Whopper. To successfully launch three new chicken burgers, we needed New Zealanders to cheat on their beloved Whopper. 


Motels have long been used by people to cheat. So we built Motel Burger King. To create Motel Burger King, an existing motel was completely rebranded. Beds in each room were replaced by booths and a table. Everything from towels to toiletries were changed. No detail was overlooked.


Rooms could be booked through Burger King’s Facebook page by tagging three friends in a comment thread. Guests were then sent a Motel Burger King keycard. Upon arrival, guests checked-in to the motel through their Facebook account. They then had twenty minutes to cheat on The Whopper with our new chicken burgers.

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